Covet: Totes Magotes

Amongst the various scenes of daily life, items tend to accumulate — lists made on scraps of paper, three kinds of lip balm, a wallet (with additional self-replicating things inside), empty glasses cases, a book (or two), a leather-bound planner, two different kinds of headphones and the ever-disappearing supply of pens… among other things —and as a result it’s no wonder tote bags were invented.

From the office, to the weekend, and the gym, consider taking along only the essentials to avoid the embarrassing scene made while digging through your bag for something that probably isn’t in there anyway.

However, if the anxiety caused by traveling with more than three items (wallet, keys, cell phone) proves to be too difficult to handle, here are three options to haul the effects of your daily routine around. Each is minimalistic in design and perfect for concealing the bric-à-brac your life demands.


Left to Right:

1. Prisma textured-leather tote by Alexander Wang, $685, Net-a-Porter

2. Suede tote by Claire Vivier, $316, ShopBop

3. Extra-Large Le Pliage travel bag in taupe, $155, Longchamp