Shop: Dream of Summer

Warm, dewy mornings, body surfing sessions before dinner, rosé and burrata, bronzed skin… these are a few of my favorite [summer] things. The dark, cold stretch that begins with the page turn of one year to the next, and ends when the ground decides to thaw after too-eager green sprigs trigger false hope of warmer weather, causes a period of intense longing for easy summer days.

Gone are the romantic whispers of the beginning of winter: the smell of the first snowfall, the excitement of pulling out that great winter coat you got on sale at Barney’s with your mom three years ago, and the emotional build-up to the holidays. To quell the online shopping carts, full of french bronzing lotion, and surreptitious Expedia searches that aim to satisfy the curiosity to know how much it would cost to fly to Virgin Gorda this Thursday, it is perfectly fine to start to stock up on summer essentials in the winter months.

Perusing the lovely site “Of a Kind”, I stumbled across these Batik-print shorts by Wren. I’m in love. And, because it’s a piece on Of a Kind, I know these shorts are part of a limited-edition set, designed exclusively for the University of Chicago-alumnae-created site (Go Maroons!). Plus their fabric was hand-dyed in a women’s co-op in Africa and then constructed in LA (girl power meets Made in the U.S.A.).

These babies would look great with a base tan from Virgin Gorda.


Batik Print Shorts by Wren, Of a Kind, $125