SHOP: Elma Blint

Working with metals that seem to absorb the energy and warmth your body produces, Elma Blint‘s handmade jewelry conveys a refined ease. The metals are smoothly shaped into simple, yet elegant, designs. Instead of becoming too classically inclined, Blint’s pieces look like they grew from the Earth into beautiful, accessible accessories. And don’t be fooled, Blint’s wares have a tinge of attitude, with studs only sold as single earrings, spiked earrings and chain bracelets.


1. Kelly Barrel ring, $175 // 2. Kiera Tier ring, $150 // 3. Nora ring, $50 //
4. Dot earrings, $30 // 5. Alphabet Stud earring, $15

If you’re in New York, stop by the Brooklyn Flea and you’ll come across a warm, wise woman who would love to chat with you about metals, the process of making and her creative process. Blint also has a showroom in Brooklyn.