SHOP: Tabitha Simmons Suede Ankle Boots

This should really be a “Covet” post (at least for my shopping budget), but let’s roll with the dream. This afternoon, fashion and interior designer Kelly Wearstler tweeted an Instagrammed photo titled “Los angeles courthouse. jury duty. Xk.” The photo reveals blue suede, pointed toe booties with buckles paired with cuffed, distressed jeans (love the ankle-focused look) in what is probably the courthouse bathroom (ew, institutional tiles).

kelly wearst

The beautiful booties in question are by Tabitha Simmons and available for purchase for a cool $1,195 (a steal at under 2K). I mean, can we just take a second to admire the underlying thought process that connects Kelly’s shoes to the situation? Kelly is wearing blue suede shoes, which makes me think of Elvis Presely. In addition to “Blue Suede Shoes,” Elvis also sang “Jailhouse Rock.” Kelly is on jury duty. All of a sudden we’ve gone full circle. Two points for Kelly!

Anyway, I’m in love with these boots and the design recipe behind them is brilliant. Check it out:


1. Start with trendy spring, pastel baby blue (also available in rock n’ roll red as well as black)
2. Add transitional material: suede
3. Throw in a Paddock-boot silvertone front-zip and loop on backstay
4. Stack the heel in a contemporary wood-color
5. Wrap the upper vamp with silvertone buckles
6. Stagger the stitching up the vamp

The result? A fresh take on a classic boot that rock n’ roll stars can appreciate. I would pair them with a classic blazer, simple T-shirt and white jeans for an easy, elegant look (my favorite). An added bonus? Swap the jeans for cut-offs of the same color, leave the blazer at home and this outfit is Coachella ready.Print

1. Blazer by Helmut Lang // 2. Grey V-neck T-Shirt by Isabel Marant  (love this Gap one) //
3. White toothpick jeans by J.Crew // 4. Blue suede ankle boots by Tabitha Simmons

PS If you love Kelly, her aesthetic and her designs as much as I do, you’ll drool over her feature on The Coveteur.