SHOP: Workout Wear


If only we could all workout in Alexander Wang circa Spring/Summer 2010 or a fuchsia Jil Sander dress (as seen on Raquel Zimmermann in Vogue, 2008). Alas, with the exception of the miraculously non-sweating fitness fiends you see at the gym, most of us are mere mortals. That means around mile one our hair starts to mat and our skin starts to “glisten.”

Amongst the persistent neon workout wear trend and ever-expanding spandex empires, I find myself drawn to the basics. I’ve worn the same style of running shoe for the past three years and have finally figured out an economically sustainable way to deal with perspiration. In training for my first half-marathon (a coordination feat for a previous competitive swimmer), I’ve really come to appreciate how easy my gym uniform is. At the same time I find myself wishing I could buck comfort and throw on a fun graphic tee or trendy shoes.

So in an effort to share what’s on my workout wishlist and in my drawers, below are two sets of workout gear. The first are a couple of things I would love to add to my gym wardrobe. These We Are Frends headphones are kind of insane (and totally impractical for exercising). Sticking with an oversize T-shirt, this Nike graphic tee is a classic remix. Stella always gets my groove back and these Nike Flyknits have been everywhere. I love their colors and texture.Print

1. WE ARE FRENDS white leather and gold headphones  // 2. Nike Women’s Signal T-shirt //
3. Stella McCartney for Adidas Since 2005 3/4 Tight // 4. Nike Flyknit Lunar +1

The second grouping is my gym uniform: nothing-special, motion-friendly Tempo shorts in a variety of colors, oversize disposable Hanes men’s T-shirts in black and white (because once in motion my sweat glands become Niagara Falls), super supportive Adidas Bostons with a tinge of neon pink, wireless Jaybirds (I always get tangled in headphones with cords — how is anyone supposed to swing their arms around those things?) and my favorite yellow and grey Timex watch.


 5. Hanes men’s V-neck T-shirts // 6. Women’s Tempo running shorts //
7. Adidas Boston 3 // 8. Jaybird Freedom headphones // 9. Timex grey and yellow watch