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CHAT: Space

Often, what we wear and what we do while wearing what we wear, depends on where we wear what we wear (twisty, right?). Have you ever been in a space that inspires how… Continue reading

CHAT: In Response to ‘War & Fashion’

While I appreciate any writer who has the gumption to throw together two, seemingly opposite, topics and prove them equals; the prose has to support the proposition. In the case of a recent… Continue reading

CHAT: Chris Tucker on What He’s Wearing

Oh hey, Chris Tucker, what are you wearing tonight? Chris Tucker at the 2013 SAG Awards. Quote from WWD. Photo from the Miami Herald


Tommy Ton Anna or Alex Katz Anna? Anna Wintour by Alex Katz, the National Portrait Gallery via Vogue UK Anna Wintour by Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil